Hello world!

I’ll kick off the blog with a few pics….

Jellyfish at Epcot

Starting the trip home...

My Toy!


More pics at http://gregorywilson.smugmug.com

~ by Greg on October 30, 2007.

2 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Hi Greg.

    Came across your website last night looking for options for how to integrate Lightroom with WordPress / online Photo Sharing.

    Like the site a lot – and smugmug looks good too (though as it is US based the printing photo options probably aren’t going to work well for me in the UK)

    What I’d really like to know is how you manage and upload to your blog?

    I’ve been using blogger in the past as it was the first blog software I came across a while back and also I stuck with it due to the intricate tie-ins to my FTP site and how easy it was to work with from Picasa (one buttom ‘Blog This’ to upload photo and comments)

    Last night I moved all the family blogs (multiple blogs) from FTP hosting to blogspot hosting – which in turn enabled me to use the ‘Magic Import’ button on WordPress.com to import all 3 blogs into one (which should be much easier to keep updated!). All the existing photos seem to work ok (as their links still point to where they are web hosted at a paid domain)

    Now I need a way in which to upload photos and descriptions to the new blog.

    Its pretty rare I blog without a photo – so the best approach would be to get Lightroom set up to upload photos.

    This gives me 3 options:

    1) Upload photos to WordPress.com directly – no idea how to do this from Lightroom. Also will be limited by the free 50mb space on WordPress though.

    2) Upload photos to my existing hosted storage/FTP – will have to look at FTP options from Lightroom
    2a) FTP Web Gallery from Lightroom?
    2b) FTP using Export Plugin from Lightroom
    Would then have to get description and link to photo into WordPress… no idea how to automate at this time

    3) Use an existing 3rd party photo hosting service like SmugMug, ZenFolio or uk based one like Photobox (or global Flickr)
    3a) for those with Lightroom Export Plugins – use them ! (though I have experienced problems with Jeffrey Friedl’s plugins – with the dreaded FormatMessageW error – waiting for fixes from Adobe on this)
    3b) for those without Lightroom Export plugins… learn LUA? wait for plugins…
    As I said above though I like the look of SmugMug – not sure what to do about the lack of UK printing
    Regardless of which service I use – I still don’t know how to best manage the automated (as much as possible) posts to WordPress.com – how do you do it?

    Anyway, lots of questions!

    Thanks for any help you can give me.



    p.s. half way through this post I tried out the Flickr option. Now have Lightroom exporting to Flickr using Jeff’s export plugin and then in Flickr I then have to press ‘blog this’ and enter the description before it then sends it off to WordPress successfully.
    I know I could use the ’email upload’ to Flickr which could in turn automatically send to WordPress – but it didn’t look that easy setting up Lightroom to email photos….?!

  2. Hi,
    I am new to flex and started designing a web page in flex that should send email to a user.
    Contact Us form. But how to send email from Flex.
    I tried using PHP code and HTTPService in flex, but it doesn’t work.
    Can any onse send me the source code for this.

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