The next cool thing from Adobe…

I’ve been playing around with Adobe AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) during the past few weeks and am very excited about what I’m seeing. It think this is going to create some unique opportunities for Adobe. If you are interested in a new kind of application, take a look. You can download the player and several apps within minutes. Basically, this allows flash programs to run as a desktop app without the need for a browser including the ability to drop icons in the tray, local access to files, security, etc. The underlying framework is simply amazing. Here are a few links to get you going:

~ by Greg on November 14, 2007.

3 Responses to “The next cool thing from Adobe…”

  1. […] all to use. It was recently acquired by Adobe so many cool changes are coming. Also, a version for AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) is in the works so you will will have the option of the same […]

  2. […] for Google Analytics gets Google’s Support If you don’t know what AIR is yet, start here. Ok, let’s take a look at some cool applications being built of this […]

  3. Nice! I tried AIR with Google Analytics and it rocks!

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