Linksys 802.11n Wireless Router = FTP Appliance

Linksys WRT350N +

I upgraded my home network from 100Mbps / 802.11g to 1000Mbps / 802.11n (draft) and discovered a cool feature that Linksys includes in some of their new wireless routers. In the back of the router, you’ll find the usual network connections but now there is a USB port. You can plug a drive into this port and have the Linksys router configure an FTP server for external and internal use as well as creating an internal Windows network share. A FTP appliance! There are admin screens for setting up users, etc. The feature is called “Storage Link”.

~ by Greg on November 21, 2007.

3 Responses to “Linksys 802.11n Wireless Router = FTP Appliance”

  1. 802.11n definitely a big improvement to WLAN. Finally we see progress. The thing is, they put it in the home edition router which is absolutely useless. In a few months every home router will have the power to run a whole campus…

  2. Hi!

    Could you give me the link to the FTP settings for the router please?

  3. Login to the admin console, click STORAGE, the on the next menu, click “ftp”.


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