Nikon D300 / D200 Comparison

As mentioned earlier in my blog, I use a Nikon D200 as my primary camera. I’ve recently been reading various articles and blogs on the D300 which is now arriving in anxious customer hands.

Below are a few of the key articles that are slowly convincing me that I want the new D300.

~ by Greg on November 21, 2007.

2 Responses to “Nikon D300 / D200 Comparison”

  1. Just upgraded to Nikon D200, awesome camera, and I am loving it, makes great photos,
    Brooke Whatnall

  2. I got on the list for the D300 when it was first announced and will be receiving it any day now. A few days ago, I also ordered the Canon 5D because of its full frame and low noise at high ISOs. I also ordered a converter ring to allow me to use my Nikon DX lenses on the Canon and was considering perhaps the Canon 50mm 1.4 for its sharpness. (I’m not rich and not a pro.) But the pictures I have seen from the D300 have convinced me that I won’t really need the 5D as a second camera. The improvements in the D300 seem almost as good as the resolution and low noise as the 5D — at least good enough that I don’t need a second camera that uses different lenses. I guess the D300’s new sensor, new processor, and 16 bit conversion make up for the lack of full frame to some degree. Both cameras have about the same number of megapixels, it’s just that they are larger on the 5D to cover the sensor. Nikon, slower to break out of the gate as Canon does, seems to have created other means to bring about the same effects of higher resolution and low noise at high ISOs. All of Nikon’s new technology makes me wonder how the Nikon D3 full frame will compare with the 5D or even how the Canon 1Ds Mk III. And the D3 is much cheaper than the Canon Mk III. I’m sending the Canon 5D back when it arrives. Thanks, Nikon. The tortoise wins against the hare. And just in time.

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