First Aerial Photography Mission with the Nikon D300

I shot 7 locations Sunday in Ocala, Orlando and Punta Gorda, Florida using my new Nikon D300. A few impressions to append to my earlier article:

  • The high-speed continuous shooting is actually too fast for what I shoot…I changed it to low-speed (3fps)
  • Instead of shooting at ISO200 like I usually do, I shot at ISO320 and set the aperture on 6.3 to give me a little more error room on focusing from a high-speed plane. The quality of the pictures were better than the D200 at ISO200 so my purchase is justified (at least that’s what I told my wife!)
  • The larger screen was awesome and made it easier to do a quick review of each location before we flew to the next
  • I did all of the post processing in Adobe Lightroom and found that less tweaks were needed due to the D300’s improved white balance. Most of the shots were good as-shot
  • The exposure seemed to be a bit higher than the D200, but none were what I would overexposed

Sample picture:

To see more pictures, go to

~ by Greg on December 3, 2007.

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