First mini-vacation with the Nikon D300

My wife and I flew to Key West this past weekend to get a short break before the last minute Christmas chaos. This was the first time I could use the D300 in a relaxed manner. Pictures are available at (two Key West galleries).

I am loving the camera. The D300 seems to have much better dynamic range than the D200. Exposure seems better too. I do occasionally see slight overexposures as reported by other users but it’s never blown out. Below are a few highlights from the gallery listed above.


~ by Greg on December 24, 2007.

2 Responses to “First mini-vacation with the Nikon D300”

  1. I love your shots. The color and focus is great.

    I just got my D300 and have only tried a few different types of shots. My initial attempts at shooting a moving object (my dog) wasn’t too successful, with most pictures out of focus. I need to spend more time with the manual :).

  2. I’ve got this one too. Really good camera with excellent photos.
    Good luck in your practice.

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