– Another Cool Flex app that I use daily

Several months ago, a friend/co-worker suggested that I take a look at as a possible RSS reader. I had tried several but didn’t really find anything I liked. I’ve used Yourminis ever since.

Yourminis is much more than an RSS reader – it is a Widget Server or as some would say, a “webtop“. Yourminis gives you a page that you can modify with your own set of widgets – RSS feeds, Flickr images, Youtube feeds, weather, calendars, stock prices, etc. There are many existing widgets to choose from but more importantly, you can create your own!

Let me give you a quick tour of how I use Yourminis. My home page is the following:

It’s hard to tell with the reduced image above but on this page are my 9 favorite news feeds including CNN, three local news sites, CNET, Techmeme and others. Also included are widgets that display weather conditions in 4 cities where I have friends and co-workers as well as stock prices. I even have a widget that shows me the current deal at Most important, my daily Dilbert cartoon is part of the main page!

In addition to this page, I have other pages (see tabs along the top of the main page). I have one specific to Aviation that contains news feeds from various sources. I have another for photography and finally, one for the Adobe blogs that I follow:

The Adobe page is not very visually exciting but it gives me an instant view of 28 RSS feeds. I have my Adobe blog page published (a cool feature of so you can take a look at it at

This is yet another great example of how Rich Internet Applications written for Adobe Flash changing how we interact with information.

New widgets can be written using Adobe Flex. Using AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime), you can even install widgets on your desktop without any need for a web browser. Much more on this soon.

Yes, there are hundreds of websites that offer similar features, some of which even do it widget-style but so far, this is the best I’ve seen. I think it’s another good illustration of where the web is headed. Yourminis is the consumer-facing app of a company called Goowy Media.

You can give Yourminis a quick try at

Want to learn more about RIA’s (Rich Internet Applications)? I highly recommend the following:

Don’t like to read? Ok, go to and check other Flex sites.

~ by Greg on January 11, 2008.

4 Responses to “ – Another Cool Flex app that I use daily”

  1. i use newzcrawler its a paid one i think it has a 30 day trial on it

  2. Very interesting article and information but…

    Can you put a date on your article?
    Otherwise, we can’t tell if it was written yesterday or 6 months ago.

  3. ignore my comment, I just saw the jan 11, 2008 date.


  4. Now that has been bought and destroyed by AOL do you have any other suggestions for great RSS feeds?

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