Buzzword – Online Wordprocessing – Another great RIA!

Ok, there are thousands of rich internet applications (RIAs) out there that I could write about but I’m trying to be very selective in order to provide a good sampling of different uses of RIAs and their advantages. Being pretty is one thing, but being incredibly functional is what makes RIAs exciting.

For example, check out You can sign up in about 45 seconds and start creating documents that can be saved as Microsoft Word format, RTF or XML (Microsoft Word 2003). To my surprise, it’s a fully functional word processor that feels every bit as responsive as a desktop application. I won’t bore you with a full review… I’ll just encourage you to click the link above and try it for yourself. It doesn’t take long to be impressed.

One key advantage to this type of document creation is the collaboration features. For example, multiple people can create, comment on and revise documents. Everyone works with the same version of the document so you avoid the error-prone emailing back and forth of files.

Buzzword is in preview mode and is free for all to use. It was recently acquired by Adobe so many cool changes are coming. Also, a version for AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) is in the works so you will will have the option of the same functionality in a desktop version.

Adobe recently acquired Buzzword. More information about Buzzword can be found on Adobe Labs.

I also found a demo on Youtube that demonstrates basic word processing, document sharing, etc. and a one minute video of features:

Tons of other examples of RIAs are available at

~ by Greg on January 12, 2008.

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