AIR Application for Google Analytics gets Google’s Support

If you don’t know what AIR is yet, start here. Ok, let’s take a look at some cool applications being built of this technology.

The image above is actually a slideshow of 3 screens of data from my aerial photography website, The application runs on my desktop and gives me instant access to tons of data about who’s visiting my site. My first thought was, “Why are people from Brazil, Europe and India looking at a Florida-based aerial photography website and running up my Google Adwords bill?!”, but once I recovered from the 5 seconds of confusion, I found the application absolutely incredible.

The data itself is from Google Analytics, a service I’ve used since Google launched it, so I’ve seen this type of information about my website traffic before, but this is the best presentation of the data that I’ve seen. The application is called Analytics Reporting Suite and was written by Boulevart, a multimedia production company based in Belgium, one of many companies around the world already writing incredible applications on AIR. The project home page is at I can access the same data you see above using Google’s Analytics web dashboard but the presentation is not nearly as rich and functional as with this AIR app which has much more of a real application feel to it.

Yesterday, Serge Jespers (click for blog), a fellow Adobe evangelist, visited Boulevart and interviewed the developers of this fantastic application. You can watch that interview below. The interview includes a sneak peak of a new and improved version of the application and a very important piece of information – Google is now working with the developers to make sure that all of the features are compatible and will host the application on the Google domain once it is released (sometime in March)!

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To learn more about AIR, visit the following –>

~ by Greg on January 15, 2008.

3 Responses to “AIR Application for Google Analytics gets Google’s Support”

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