No specific plans for offline capabilities in Silverlight?

Martin LaMonica posted an article earlier today on Webware with several quotes about offline capabilities of Silverlight from John Case, general manager in Microsoft’s developer division. Although I knew that Silverlight 2.0 would not have offline capabilities, I’m surprised to see that it’s not high on Microsoft’s priorities.

In the application I describe in RIAs, Dumb Terminals and Business Applications, the offline capability is an important aspect of the enterprise application, even for connected users because I can have code that saves work in progress when systems go offline or connectivity is temporarily lost.

Most people tend to think of offline features as something that allows you to run an application while on a plane at 30,000 feet to browse cached data or enter offline data….which are good use cases but this only scratches the surface.

AIR applications can detect if the connection is broken, use a built in database and/or file access. This creates some unique AND IMPORTANT opportunities…

More on this soon!

~ by Greg on March 3, 2008.

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