Flash H.264 – Hulu.com goes live – SNL, Family Guy, Movies and more …

“Hulu offers U.S. consumers a vast selection of premium video content, on demand, free and ad-supported: full episodes of TV shows, both current and classic, full-length movies, thousands of clips, and much more.”

Hulu offers full episodes and clips from current primetime shows –for example, Family Guy, 30 Rock, The Office, House, The Simpsons, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Friday Night Lights – as well as a massive selection of TV classics, from Arrested Development and Firefly to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Miami Vice, Roswell and many more. Our movie library will include full-length movies from The Usual Suspects, Ice Age, and Point Break to Some Like It Hot, In Her Shoes, and Me, Myself and Irene, as well as hundred of clips from classic movies such as Aliens, Die Hard, Little Miss Sunshine, Napoleon Dynamite, and Vertigo.




I have been in their beta program for the past 2 months and enjoy the service, especially when I travel. The video quality is fantastic (thank in part to Flash 9 and H.264 of course!). The service is free so the programs have commercials, but they are all brief so they don’t get too irritating. The resolution is great and even includes some HD content at 1280×720.

By the way, Hulu has recently signed deals with the NBA and NHL 🙂

So, quit working and go watch Family Guy at http://www.hulu.com !

~ by Greg on March 12, 2008.

4 Responses to “Flash H.264 – Hulu.com goes live – SNL, Family Guy, Movies and more …”

  1. I took your advice– and wasted a couple of hours watching this stuff. The commercials aren’t too bad, because they’re so quick. Not nearly as bad as regular tv, anyway. Thanks!

  2. heh, nice stuff, best regards

  3. Hulu is pretty cool however the commercials are mildly irritating.

  4. I wish people would get over the idea that advertisements and commercials are inherently a bad thing. Companies paying for those ads are the only reason the programs are able to be made.

    Would you rather be ‘mildly irritated’ or pay $1.99 a show?

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