Adobe LiveCycle ES Update 1 now in beta

LiveCycle ES Update 1 is now beta. If you are interested in helping us test this new release, please click the link on the Adobe Developer Center.

For those of you familiar with LiveCycle ES, here is a summary of what’s new:

  • Development tools – improvements in both features and looks. Developers can now record a running process and play it back visually – a great feature for debugging. Other features include the ability to search the inventory of services, improved drawing, validation checks and more
  • End-user experience – 508-compliance, single sign-on and tons of new form capabilities
  • Process management – busines calendars and dramatically better out-of-office support
  • Install – many new platforms supported, including 64bit Windows, Solaris/JBoss and more
  • New turnkey options – There are now two turnkey options – Windows/JBoss/MySQL and Windows/WebLogic/MySQL – both have everything pre-configured and ready to go
  • Administration – improved backup and recovery (including hot backup) and improved staging (e.g. moving an app from test to production)
  • Integration – improved web-services support
  • Other – PDF/A (PDF archive) support, improved flash remoting, new components and more.
  • I’ll add a link here to the release notes very soon.

For those of you that have not looked at LiveCycle before, but are curious about it, please take a look at my previous post. It contains a 14 minute video introduction to LiveCycle that is intended for developer-minded folks and is 95% marketing free! 🙂

Note – LiveCycle ES is a J2EE-based server platform. However, for the beta, you can easily install it on your workstation or notebook computer. Just make sure you meet the minimum memory requirements of 2GB.

~ by Greg on April 1, 2008.

One Response to “Adobe LiveCycle ES Update 1 now in beta”

  1. Keep me informed of the new enhancements and/or demo of any new features. I’m very interested.

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