New Adobe Technology-related bloggers on the scene …

Two new bloggers have hit the scene recently that are a must for your daily reading:

Gary Gilchrist –

Gary is a software architect at Adobe that specializes in security and LiveCycle ES.  I’ve known Gary for over two years and have found him to be one of the smartest guys I know.   If you are interested in LiveCycle or if you are a LiveCycle user, you’ll learn tons here.

Avoka Technologies / Howard Treisman

Avoka is an Adobe partner in Australia doing some amazing and innovative things with Adobe LiveCycle, Flex and other technologies.  I’ve known these guys since 2001 and have been nudging them to start blogging so that they can share their incredible ideas. Take a look at their website. This will also be a great one to watch.

~ by Greg on April 20, 2008.

4 Responses to “New Adobe Technology-related bloggers on the scene …”

  1. Also Girish Bedekar (legend from the LC Adobe Forum) has started his own Blog too called “LiveCycle Lifeline” at -Gary.

  2. Excellent!


  3. Hi Greg,

    I’m the Adobe Products User Group Manager for the Australian Capital Territory. My blog is at, how about adding this to your list.

    I work for an Adobe Gold Partner company called Indigo Pacific, my role is Professional Services Manager ACT, and I’m a big fan of the Adobe Technology Platform.



  4. Thanks for these, Greg. Can always use more sources of information!

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