1 MacBook running 3 OS’s and 3 AIR apps simultaneously!

While flying home earlier tonight, I was tired and bored so I put my regular projects aside and started playing around with VMware Fusion and a couple of VMware images that I have acquired – one running Windows XP and one running Ubuntu Linux. I decided to do something fun — I picked a random AIR application, Twirl.air, and installed it on my MacBook. I then started my Windows XP VMware image and installed the exact same Twirl.air file. I repeated this with my Linux image. I then switched back to my Windows XP image and turned on “unity view”. Unity view allows Windows applications to run outside of the Windows VMware “frame” so they appear to be apps running on my Mac OS desktop (a very cool feature). I then rearranged the various pieces and arranged it into the screen shot below.

Although I have seen the same AIR app run on all three OS’s before, it’s amazing to see them side by side.

Silly? Maybe. Cool? ABSOLUTELY!

~ by Greg on April 22, 2008.

One Response to “1 MacBook running 3 OS’s and 3 AIR apps simultaneously!”

  1. […] AIR-rel olyan alkalmazásokat lehet irni, amelyek Linux-on, Windows-on és Mac-en futnak.  De Greg Wilson megoszt egy tök jó képernyőképet, amiben lehet látni egy véletlenszerűen kiválasztott AIR […]

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