Acrobat 9 is ready for you to download now – You’ll be amazed

Acrobat 9 is now available for immediately download from   If you are rolling your eyes because you can’t get excited about a program that simply allows you to print to PDF,  you are behind the times!  Acrobat 9 does SO MUCH MORE.

The Acrobat team has put together a collection of video presentations/demos that show you what I’m talking about.  Go to (alternative link here).  There are 16 videos so you might feel a bit overwhelmed.  If your time is limited, I personally recommend that you at least watch the following titles (you’ll have to click them from the link above):

  • Overview of PDF Portfolios
  • Document Collaboration using shared reviews
  • Using Adobe Presenter to augment PPT presentations
  • Protecting your PDFs using a password
  • Exporting PDF files to Office formats
  • Archiving email as PDF from Microsoft Outlook (you MUST watch this – surprisingly cool! – check out the teaser screenshot below – it’s a PDF portfolio and it’s searchable, etc.)

Email archived to PDF

  • Co-navigating PDF documents using (the screen shot below is two people co-navigating a PDF):

Co-navigating a PDF

Once Reader 9 is out, I will post some PDFs that take advantage of some of these features.  I am especially eager to illustrate how professional photographers can utilize these features.  I already have some ideas for my own photography business!

To learn more about Acrobat 9, go to

~ by Greg on June 25, 2008.

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  1. […] decided to capture several of web pages for offline reading (using Adobe Acrobat 9 of course!) from,, and wikipedia and study them on my recent flight […]

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