5+ hours of free Flex training videos now online…

The Adobe Developer Connection now has over 5 hours of Flex training videos available for viewing and even more videos coming soon!

Here is a quick copy/paste of available videos:  Comparing Flash, Flex, Flash Player and AIR; Introducing Flex Builder; Creating a Flex Builder workspace and project; Using pre-built Flex controls; Understanding MXML; Binding data between controls; Handling user events; Introduction to the event object; Adding EventListeners with ActionScript; Retrieving data via HTTPService; Displaying data in the DataGrid; Working with containers; Creating custom MXML components; Implementing value object classes; Creating custom events; Creating custom event classes; Customizing item renderers; Exploring Flex Builder tips; Validating data; Requesting and sending data with RemoteObject; Formatting data; Dragging data between List components; Filtering XML with E4X; Deploying Flex and AIR applications.

Additional videos are coming soon under the categories, “Adding Visual Appeal” and “Architecture and Advanced Topics”.

As you can see, it is getting easier every day to learn Flex!  The above videos, Adobe Developer Center, Lynda.com training, Flex.org, Adobe TV, The Flex Component Explorer, numerous books and tons of other online sources will take you from “Hello World” to full applications.

~ by Greg on July 30, 2008.

One Response to “5+ hours of free Flex training videos now online…”

  1. Hi, I’ve been working on a sybase/java/flex app and the flex part is new to me, thanks for the videos, please keep me posted about new resources and events, particularly in the midwest, Thanks again, Jim

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