Jibidee.com Launches – Fantastic UI – Online organizer, mini-documents, list management, etc.

Allen Clary and other friends of mine here in Tampa today launched Jibidee.com at the TechCrunch50 Conference.    As you can see in their TechCrunch profile, the site is built using Adobe Flex (which I’ll take partial credit for 🙂 )   The site has one of the most beautiful UIs you’ll find anywhere.  In addition to its good looks, the UI is extremely intuitive.

Jibidee is different than other cloud computing productivity sites such as Google Docs in that it is geared toward personal home use, designed for smaller, less complex documents and allows for a more personalized and colorful user experience.  It’s the type of site that is loaded with features but requires no training to use.  UIs like this are kid-friendly, grandma-friendly, yet tech-head-friendly with features like photo uploading, document sharing, etc.

I spoke with Allen earlier today and it sounds like the response at TechCrunch has been fantastic.

One interesting thing I discovered about Jibidee is that the developers building the site are avid users of the site.  To me, this was great validation that Jibidee was on the right path.  Also, it was great to see how fast the developers learned Flex.  Some had a .NET background while others came from a hard-core Flash background.  They all became fans of Flex and did something VERY cool with it.   Be sure to check out their customized datagrid!  I’m hoping to post a video interview with the developers soon.

Great job Allen and my friends at  HD Interactive!

Check them out – http://www.jibidee.com – you can even try it out without signing up (I wish all sites allowed this!)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Ryan Stewart did a nice post on them as well –> http://blogs.zdnet.com/Stewart/?p=932

~ by Greg on September 9, 2008.

7 Responses to “Jibidee.com Launches – Fantastic UI – Online organizer, mini-documents, list management, etc.”

  1. Very nice! I particularly like how a help box is shown the first time you visit a new part of the application.

    This application would tick a few of your boxes for creating an AIR app (offline use, local DB and launch on OS boot).

  2. Hi Greg – Just curious, but are you the same “Greg Wilson” who will be speaking in Tampa in October at Tampa Flash, Flex and AIR Developers Group meeting? I ask because I am a good friend of Allen Clary of Jibidee and started following you because of your post. Would love to meet you in Tampa if this is you.

  3. Yep – that’s me. Feel free to email me at gwilson (at) adobe (dot) com.


  4. Looks great! But why default preloader at startup? 🙂

  5. Good question on the pre-loader… easy enough to change. I’ll suggest it.


  6. Can someone tell me how to upload a scanned picture?

  7. Never mind I found it.

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