100,000 blog hits – what people are reading…

Today, my 10 month old blog received its 100,000th view.  I know that there are many bloggers that get this many views every week, but for me, this is a fun milestone considering I only received 10 hits per day during the first month (thanks mom!).  My blog now averages between 600 and 1200 hits per day now and is steadily increasing so I expect to reach the 200,000 milestone fairly soon.

Here are a few things that I have learned from analyzing 10 months of traffic for my 107 blog posts:

I’ve averaged about 2 posts per week (107 posts over 10 months), a challenging pace when I first started blogging, but it got much easier as time passed.

I plan to continue being a resource for people new to LiveCycle, Flex, AIR, etc. and will continue to try and summarize and clarify what can sometimes be a confusing landscape.   I also plan to post more videos, including several self-shot video interviews, etc.  I was recently armed with a video camera and plan to take advantage of it.  My focus will be primarily on people learning LiveCycle, Flex and AIR so others can learn from their experience.

Thank you for reading!

~ by Greg on September 13, 2008.

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