New “Flex in a Week” Training Videos Now Available

The Adobe Developer Connection just added more videos to the “Flex in a Week” series.

New Topics – Adding Visual Appeal:

  • Implementing Navigator Containers
  • Embedding Images
  • Embedding Fonts
  • Creating Constraint-based Layouts
  • Applying Styles to MXML Components
  • Skinning Flex Components with with Adobe CS3
  • Creating New States
  • Animating with Behaviors and Transitions
  • Drawing Shapes with the Drawing API
  • Skinning Components Programmatically
  • Extending Components

Here is a quick copy/paste of previous videos posted in the series (as I blogged earlier): Comparing Flash, Flex, Flash Player and AIR; Introducing Flex Builder; Creating a Flex Builder workspace and project; Using pre-built Flex controls; Understanding MXML; Binding data between controls; Handling user events; Introduction to the event object; Adding EventListeners with ActionScript; Retrieving data via HTTPService; Displaying data in the DataGrid; Working with containers; Creating custom MXML components; Implementing value object classes; Creating custom events; Creating custom event classes; Customizing item renderers; Exploring Flex Builder tips; Validating data; Requesting and sending data with RemoteObject; Formatting data; Dragging data between List components; Filtering XML with E4X; Deploying Flex and AIR applications.

Additional videos are coming soon under the category “Architecture and Advanced Topics”.

Good stuff!

~ by Greg on October 12, 2008.

6 Responses to “New “Flex in a Week” Training Videos Now Available”

  1. Or … one can learn Flex 3D hands on: :-0

  2. Thanks for the link. I will put it up on our site for some Flex Developer in our user group to use.

    Nice site by the way 🙂

  3. this is a good start for me.

  4. Do anyone know how i can change the images of the rooms to different images instead of the conference image?

    Plz answer in the Flex in a week forum:

  5. Hey, how can i download the movie on linux ?


  6. Fantastic presentation. Packed with good info Thanks for sharing me.

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