Signing your AIR Applications, the gritty details

Like many of you, I’ve been creating a lot of Adobe AIR applications lately.  Most are for simple demos and my own education, so I haven’t bothered signing them.  As a result, when anyone installs any of my applications, they get a dialog like the following:

As you can see, the dialog is full of warnings about the publisher being unknown and the application having unrestricted access to the machine.  Basically, your user will have the same reaction as if they were installing an EXE (or APP or BIN) from an unknown website!  Most will skip it.

To have your name or company name appear as the application publisher, you need to acquire a code signing certificate and use it to sign your AIR application.

Dr. Dobb’s Journal recently published an article by Oliver Goldman, Sr. computer scientist at Adobe, detailing how to acquire a certificate and how to sign an AIR application.

The article is here.

Now that your application is signed, you’ll get an install dialog like the one below.  It is from the FedEx Desktop AIR app.  It’s clear that FedEx is the publisher so users do not hesitate to install.

Other articles on signing AIR apps:

~ by Greg on October 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “Signing your AIR Applications, the gritty details”

  1. I briefly checked one of Adobe’s links for getting a certificate, and believe the cheapest I saw was over $300. Have you found any better?

  2. Ugh, I tried creating an AIR app earlier with a self-signed certificate – but it didn’t work because I wasn’t connected to the ‘net. Do you think this makes sense? Should you have to be connected to the internet to even create a self-signed certificate?

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