Bring your AIR Wildness to MAX!

I am hosting a new type of event at MAX North America this year titled, “AIR Gone Wild“.  This is not a session nor is it a traditional Birds of a Feather.   I am setting up some high-top tables in the hallway outside of the Birds of a Feather rooms for people to showcase AIR applications that do interesting (i.e. WILD) things.  For example one  of the demo stations is showing an AIR app interacting with an Eclipse plugin.  How about an AIR application controlling a robot?

The goal of this showcase is to get people thinking well beyond “SWF on the desktop”.  I’m looking for AIR apps that really take advantage of what AIR offers..something that will really make people sit up and notice.

If you have an AIR application that you would like to show off, please fill out the form at – I’ll be in touch shortly!

A prize will be awarded to the most interesting application.


~ by Greg on November 7, 2008.

3 Responses to “Bring your AIR Wildness to MAX!”

  1. which Max? In Milan?

  2. MAX San Francisco 🙂

    Sorry – I should have been more specific. I’ll edit the article.


  3. Would love to see all the entrants on a public forum so non-entrants can see all the sweet apps!

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