How we got Tour de Flex on 1000 USB Drives for MAX 2008

We gave away 1,000 USB Flash drives at Adobe MAX this week.  The drives contained the new Tour de Flex application and were very well received.

Most of you probably assumed that we (Adobe) ordered these drives with the files already on them, right?  Well, the timing didn’t work out that nicely.  We had to order the drives four weeks before the software was ready, so we elected to have them shipped to my house (2 large boxes)!  When they arrived the week before MAX, I stared at them for a few minutes scratching my head and wondering if I had made a terrible mistake!   But, like any good evangelist, I got resourceful.

I hosted a “Tour de Flex party” at my house and invited a few of my kid’s friends over and offered them a nice dinner in exchange for a few hours of tedious labor.

They did a fantastic job and we knocked out the whole pile in just over two hours.  I shot a little video clip to share below.


  • Unpacking team – Pat Belin, Lauren Rhyce
  • Duplication Technician – Seth Varner
  • Re-packing team – Anne Marie Fanning and Jane Nappi
  • Buffer management (helped both sides depending on how large their stack was getting) – Carla Wilson (daughter)

We used the ProDuplicator 1 to 11 USB Drive Duplicator Device.  It works as advertised and is very fast.

~ by Greg on November 20, 2008.

8 Responses to “How we got Tour de Flex on 1000 USB Drives for MAX 2008”

  1. Totally jealous of the duplicator!! Can Tom and I borrow that 🙂

  2. Great idea Greg.. sometimes its not what you know but knowing who you can feed pizza to! Lookout for the Fedex box with the blank USB keys for some other Adobe events 🙂

  3. Hey nice party!
    Question: did you also include the runtime along with the app?

  4. I downloaded it at work yesterday and I have to tip my hat over to you, it is a very useful air app. I just wanted to thank you. It’s very cool. I like the code snippets at the bottom of each item.

  5. […] It’s a good overview on the capabilities on delivering rapid RIA’s of Flex. The link describes how the developers got a whole bunch of people to distribute the Tour de Flex app on USB […]

  6. Brilliant. I hope the peeps who got one appreciated that personal touch!

  7. When I was reading this post, I had flashbacks of 360|Flex in Atlanta. Tom, John and I and our three laptops cranking out USB drives in real time. woot!

  8. I was there in Atlanta watching you guys crank them out – fun fun!

    Savvas – we did include the runtime on the USB drives. There were folders for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

    Thanks for the comments!


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