Adobe AIR Update Framework for HTML / AJAX and Flash applications

In August, I wrote the article, “Adding auto update features to your AIR application in 3 easy steps” that explains how to auto-update-enable your Flex-based AIR applications.

There was a comment posted on my article complaining that the update framework didn’t address Flash-based AIR applications.

Mihai Corlan recently wrote his own article about the update framework and explains how Flash developers and AJAX developers can also implement auto-update capabilities.   When I saw this article, I immediately remembered the comment on my original article and thought I would post this followup.  The Flash-specific instructions can be found here.

Also, Jeff Swartz, technical writer for Adobe, recently published an article on the AIR Developer Center that explains how to add this capability to HTML/AJAX-based AIR applications.

Jeff provides everything you need and step-by-step instructions. The article can be found at

~ by Greg on November 26, 2008.

3 Responses to “Adobe AIR Update Framework for HTML / AJAX and Flash applications”

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  3. Hi again. I just can’t believe how can Adobe simply forget about Flash. And please, do not compare the Flex UPDATER to this some type of updater that need a lot of things to do… All of the Flash community just want that Flash to have the things that Flex has… I bet that is not hard to mimic this thing to be able to be used by Flash + AIR users… But well, i guess that we just need to get used to it…

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