LiveCycle Data Services and Tour de Flex

In addition to the many UI-related samples in Tour de Flex, we have included several samples on accessing data from Flex applications.  This is sometimes a mysterious topic for new Flex developers so we included some good samples to help you get going.  More are already in the works.

Below are some teaser screenshots.

You can download Tour de Flex from

Lastly, we are always looking for new samples for Tour de Flex.  If you are interested in contributing or showcasing your work, read this.

~ by Greg on December 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “LiveCycle Data Services and Tour de Flex”

  1. how to create add items in datagrid using flex and how to search create search function in flex3

  2. Wondering if you might have any leads on a person that might be interested in the following opportunity through May 2009.

    Good afternoon,

    I was hoping you might be able to help me in finding the right resource for this opportunity.

    The resource will be expected to review the current LCDS code and provide architecture recommendations to increase efficiency and robustness of the application. The current method of filtering, to allow user specific data and the channel protocol, will also be reviewed. Currently the application is not designed with clustering in mind so additional code will have to be implemented to allow clustering and possibly cross JVM communication for synchronization of user data. During load testing the ability to uncover bottlenecks and experience in LCDS optimization will be necessary.

    Desired experience includes:

    Adobe Live Cycle Data Service (LCDS) architecture experience
    Creating custom payloads
    Payload filtering – directing payloads to specified agents and not others
    Channel creation and configuration
    LCDS best practices
    Adobe Flex, and Xcelsius 2008 skills would be useful but not required


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