Enterprise use of PDF growing

I ran across a report today titled, “PDF seen gaining on paper as storage medium“.  In the article, the author states, “The study found that 90 percent of organizations are already using the PDF file format for long-term storage of scanned documents, and 89 percent are converting Microsoft Office files to PDF for distribution and archiving. According to the report – “Content Creation and Delivery-The On-Ramps and Off-Ramps of ECM” – 43 percent of organizations still use microfilm or microfiche for archiving documents. However, that is projected to drop to 28 percent in five years.

If your organization is starting to consider PDF as part of your enterprise technology stack, you will likely run into  the following questions :

  • How do I generate PDFs from Microsoft Office files and other formats?  How about in mass quantities?  Can we automate this?
  • How do I convert PDFs for archiving so that every aspect of the document is preserved perfectly?  Will these documents look the same in 10 years?  What if a future user doesn’t have the fonts I used to create the PDF?
  • How do I secure PDFs so that only authorized users can access them?  Can I set an expiration dates?  Can I revoke rights?  How secure is it?
  • How do I enable more interaction with PDFs so my customers and partners can interact with them?

Most people are familiar with Adobe Acrobat and know it as Adobe’s tool to do lots of PDF stuff.  However, you might not be as familiar with Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite.   LiveCycle ES  software is a server solution that brings together data capture, information assurance, batch document output, process management, document conversion, integration and content services.

Here are some links to get you started with understanding LiveCycle ES:

Want to learn more?  Let’s chat!

~ by Greg on January 23, 2009.

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