Tour de Flex 1.2 Released

We have finally released Tour de Flex 1.2.  Below are the highlights:

  • New improved skin (thinner chrome)
  • Splash screen has been replaced by a quick start screen that we can update frequently with news of new samples, resources, etc.
  • Fixed a memory/CPU issue  (see previous post)
  • Comments are now hosted in the Adobe forums.  You can post questions, subscribe to responses, etc.
  • Now requires AIR 1.5 (so we can include new AIR 1.5 specific samples and Flash Player 10 specific samples)
  • Localization for Japanese – the language reference tabs are now pointing to the Japanese content.  More localization is planned in the near future.  Localization was actually part of the 1.1 release that we launched in Japan.  We did not force an auto-update since most existing users would not benefit.
  • The download size is now 35% smaller thanks to RSLs.
  • Categories are all tree-based instead of a mix of dropdown and tree (confused a few people)
  • Minor improvements to Eclipse plugin

You can download the latest version from  If you already have Tour de Flex, your version will auto-update.

New Web Version!

In addition to a new desktop version, we’ve also launched a new web browser-based version of Tour de Flex.  Obviously, it doesn’t include the AIR desktop samples but most of the remaining samples are included.  Holly Schinsky did most of the “magic” to make the web version possible.  She will be blogging about the experience shortly.

Check it out at

The web version supports deep linking so the browser back/forward buttons work as expected.  You can even bookmark specific samples!

The primary purpose of the web version is to provide an easier on-ramp for those exploring Flex for the first time.  It also provides the ability to view samples from environments that don’t allow applications to be installed.

The SAP Community Network website now points to the web version introducing a whole new crowd to Flex!

UPDATE:  Tour de Flex 1.2.1 released – bug fixes and new features

Tour de Flex Desktop Version

Tour de Flex Desktop

Tour de Flex Web Version

Tour de Flex Web Version

~ by Greg on March 30, 2009.

17 Responses to “Tour de Flex 1.2 Released”

  1. Any plans to add a style explorer to Tour de Flex?

  2. […] Many of you probably know already, the Tour de Flex AIR application has seen more than 100 million samples served according to Greg Wilson’s blog as of December 2008. The AIR version is extremely helpful and loaded with a few hundred working samples of Flex, AIR, API clouds, best practices techniques, you name it, it’s in there. Today, they released the 1.2 version with new updates. […]

  3. […] You can find more about the changes on Greg Wilson’s website. […]

  4. Would love to be able to increase the font size for the sourcecodes. I use Tour de Flex during presentations to show the code examples, but the current font is too small to be readable by the audience.

  5. I submitted a sample to be added for my collapsible accordion compomnent, and I was under the impression it would be in this release. Greg will this be added and if so do you know when?

  6. […] blogged on the latest Tour de Flex update: see his blog post for details. We leveraged extended localization support to add ILOG Elixir demos in Japanese […]

  7. […] blogged on the latest Tour de Flex update: see his blog post for details. We leveraged extended localization support to add ILOG Elixir demos in Japanese […]

  8. Is the style used for Tour de Flex available/downloadable as a skin?

  9. tour de flex is crashing. I have windows 2000 NT server. installed tour de flex (desktop app). Crashes when launched. My other colleagues installed tour de flex on xp and same results. Crashes when launched.
    Tried to use web version, same results it crashed in the browser and i tried both IE and Firefox.

  10. Well, it was same error on windows and xp. The way it crashed was that you launch it and wait for a minute or so and it would just crash. In browser, it would complain about having flash10 activex control and if i disabled it then it would say flash not available. Having said that, it seem to be working fine (both web and desktop) from my home network. I don’t know if it has something to do my company’s network/firewall. Thanks, vaks

  11. Greg, Tourdeflex is stable now after i modified some setting inside symantec protection agent. As mentioned earlier, it worked without any issue from my home network. So, all looks good now.

    • Hi Vaks, I had same experience as you did with latest Tour De Flex. Could you please tell me what you did to Symantec protection agent?



  12. I can’t get Tour De Flex to run, It keeps crashing on me, and not sure why. It worked at one point, but at one point it stopped. Not sure if it has to do with the newer version or not. The error that comes up is:TourDeFlex.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please tell Microsoft about this problem. Seems to have to do with this… webkit.dll
    Anyone have any ideas what the problem might be?

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