Tour de Flex stats for 16 days

I spent some time today pulling statistics for the usage of Tour de Flex in the last 16 days (4/5/2009 – 4/20/2009).  The results were pleasantly surprising:

Last 16 days of data:

  • 556,133 samples viewed (34,000+ per day!)
  • Total of 4,213,937 viewed since we launched at MAX on 11/16/2008!
  • Tour de Flex application was executed 68,096 times
  • 1,368 installations of the Tour de Flex Eclipse plugin
  • 500+ new downloads of the desktop version every day

We’ve been adding new samples every few days.  Many more are coming, including a ton of new samples that illustrate how to use Flex with ColdFusion, PHP, .NET, Ruby, and other popular server platforms.   We are also working on extensive samples around BlazeDS and LiveCycle DS, including the more advanced data management capabilities of LiveCycle DS.

Keep your contributions of samples and components coming!

~ by Greg on April 21, 2009.

3 Responses to “Tour de Flex stats for 16 days”

  1. […] Greg Wilson posted the stats for the last 16 days for the Tour de Flex AIR application. They are pretty amazing: […]

  2. WOw. This is amazing. Congrats.

    Just a quick question. How do you guys track this numbers?
    Is build into Tour De Flex?
    How this is done?


  3. Hi Anderson have you looked at Air Analytics. It is a native Flex/Flash tracking solution built for exactly for this job and much more.

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