Flex and AIR certification, a developer’s experience

A few weeks ago, Holly Schinsky (one of the developers of Tour de Flex and other cool projects) did some research on becoming “Flex/AIR Certified”.  My first reaction was to roll my eyes because I’ve never really believed in certification programs.  I’ve always felt that they measure someone’s test-taking abilities rather than their ability to write solid code (two very different skills!).  However, Holly’s experience with it has changed my perception a bit.

  • Holly wrote a blog post titled, “Adobe Flex/AIR Certification?” that had some interesting comments on the topic that helped me understand people’s motivation to get certified
  • She then blogged about Attest, a tool she discovered for taking practice exams.  She actually jumped in to help build the latest version (which is free by the way)
  • A few days ago, she took the test herself and is now certified

Holly provides some useful feedback on the experience that is a must-read for anyone considering taking the test.

~ by Greg on April 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “Flex and AIR certification, a developer’s experience”

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