Crazy contest for 5 millionth sample viewed in Tour de Flex

Since we launched Tour de Flex at MAX last November, we’ve had fun watching the count of samples viewed climb to unforeseen heights.  Now we are quickly approaching 5 million views so we’ve decided to have a little fun.

Recently, I added a live sample counter to the quick start page  (We will blog about how we used LiveCycle DS publish/subscribe messaging to create the counter very soon).

Here’s the deal:  If you are one of the first three people to email  a screenshot of the counter at exactly 5,000,000 to the email address below, you win a Mino HD Flip Camera!  Depending on the time of day we reach 5,000,000, this might be tough!  The rate of samples being viewed peaks at about 80 per minute!  The winning number may only display for a fraction of a second.


  • The screenshot must be made of the desktop version of Tour de Flex.  Screenshots of the web version will not be accepted.
  • The screenshot must contain the entire application window.
  • NO photoshopped fakes!  We’ll know!  We have secret technology!  😉
  • The screenshot must be emailed to within 5 minutes of being captured.  After prizes are awarded, we will delete all received emails from the gmail account to protect your email address.  Your email address will not be used for anything other than award notification.
  • If you capture a perfect 5,000,000, the email subject should be “5 million”
  • If you capture something very close, the email subject should be “So close!”.  We will ignore these unless nobody captures the perfect 5,000,000.


  • The first 3 emails received with a screenshot of 5,000,000 win a MinoHD Flip Camera! ($200USD value!)
  • If nobody captures the 5,000,000th view, the prizes will be awarded to the next closest attempts, so if you miss the 5 million mark but capture something really close, submit it.
  • If the counter malfunctions or goes offline, no prize will be awarded.  We’ve worked hard to make sure that the counter can handle a large number of viewers but the load is unpredictable, so who knows what will happen!

Why are we doing this?

  • For fun of course!
  • To promote Flex and show off publish/subscribe messaging with LiveCycle DS and BlazeDS.  Just wait and see what we are going to do with the data feed next week!

Good luck!!

~ by Greg on May 14, 2009.

14 Responses to “Crazy contest for 5 millionth sample viewed in Tour de Flex”

  1. 열이아빠의 알림…

    Tour de Flex 5백만 카운트 맞추기 이벤트 중이네요. 아마도 오늘중 넘어서지 않을까..ㅎㅎ…

  2. Hey Greg!

    Just thought I’d let you know that the link:

    Is redirecting to the following:

    I think there is an extra tidbit at the end that needs to be trimmed.

  3. Is this contest only open to US residents or can the rest of the world play too?

  4. Click – Drag – Send
    That is how quick I can take a snapshot put in in an email and send it. After that it’s the speed of my server’s mail spool and how many skips it has to take to get to you. So no matter how quick I am it’s still up to the Internet Gods. So even if I get mine out fastest then I can still get beat easy. I hope someone on your local network can participate, I’d check the sending server for verification that there’s no funny business. You’ve probably already thought this out. I’d go by the send time instead of the recieve time but I haven’t thought it out so.

    Any ways, you’ll be seeing my email first if the traffic is light.

    • The send time could be manipulated by the sender so I have no choice but to go by the receive time.

      Maybe send from a gmail account since it’s sending to a gmail account?


  5. CLICK!
    Actually I just configured my screenshot program to just send and automatic email, already filled out, of the entire screen on one click. I see the 5,000,000 and just click the capture button, done. You can just give me my camera now.

    BTW, I’m looking at this in the Tour de Flex app, your blog right, this one? Well, I clicked a link on the home page to get here and I see no way to go back. This is kinda like a browser without a back button.

  6. Oh I figured it out. You have to shut down the application and restart it. Then the Tour de Flex home page comes back like magic.

    You guys don’t like me anymore, do you. At least your prefilling my reply info to the right here, thanks, I can reply much faster now.

  7. Told you I’d be back, wait, please read.

    What format do you want and how do you want it exactly or does it matter?
    Can I send you a JPG, PNG, or GIF in an attachment? Does the picture have to be in the body of the email? What size can you recieve? 2MB ok? (and yes I know, smaller = faster)

    • Clint – I’ll take any of the images formats you mention…as long as I can read the text on the screen. So..yes, if I were you, I’d go small.

      Fun fun!


  8. CRAP! My Internet was down all day and just got it up to see 5,000,125. AHHH!!!!! Missed by 125!!!

    I had timed the hits over a few hours and yesterday they were running about 10.6 per minute making the estimated time of early Monday morning but I was wrong. It jumped big over night.

    Oh well.

  9. Is this contest only open to US residents or can the rest of the world play too?

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