Adobe LiveCycle ES Beta now available!

On the heels of the beta releases of Flash Builder/Flex 4, Flash Catalyst, ColdFusion 9 and LiveCycle Data Services 3 is….. (trumpets sound!) LiveCycle Enterprise Suite.  As you can see, the engineers at Adobe are working weekends!

Below is a brief summary of what’s new in the upcoming release of LiveCycle ES:

  • Improved development and authoring tools, including many features to make team development possible and process design more intuitive.
  • Improved UI development capabilities
  • Improved LiveCycle ES administration including new monitoring capabilities and easier backup and restore functionality
  • Improved support for document assembly of XDP-based documents including a new interface to generate DDX commands
  • Improved administration and platform maturity with  improved backup and recovery support
  • Expanded platform, database, and JVM support including a new turnkey installer
  • Improved out of the box solutions for reviewing and commenting of processes

The list above only scratches the surface of what’s new.  You’ll find other enhancements across many of the individual services that make up LiveCycle.  We’re also saving some big surprises for later this year so STAY TUNED!

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~ by Greg on July 14, 2009.

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