Announcing the release of 3 New Solution Accelerators for LiveCycle ES

The solution accelerator team today announced the release of 3 new solution accelerators for LiveCycle Enterprise Suite.  The solution accelerators are designed to be extended and customized by partners leading to reduced development time and increased quality.  The accelerators are packaged with a set of production-ready building blocks that consist of reusable components and technical guides. The building blocks may be used within the context of a solution accelerator or form the basis for developing new solutions.

Financial Services: Account Enrollment

Improve account enrollment while driving consistency and efficiency across channels and products. With Adobe LiveCycle ES and the Account Enrollment solution accelerator, you can minimize repeated data entry, streamline account processing and setup, and deliver tailored information to customers with ease.

Financial Services: Correspondence Management.

Ensure customer communications are consistent, tailored, and cost efficient by managing all of your correspondence on a single platform. With Adobe LiveCycle ES and the Correspondence Management Solution accelerator, you can automate all kinds of correspondence — from welcome packages and confirmations to proposals and claim letters — while ensuring communications are accurate, compliant, and secure.

Cross-Industry:  Human Capital Applications

Adobe solutions can help HR teams simplify and streamline forms-based processes, as well as reduce costs by providing self service options to employees.  Adobe solutions can support secure HR processes throughout an enterprise, engaging employees and applicants whether online or offline, and integrating the employee or applicant data within your existing infrastructure. The Human Capital Applications solution accelerator facilitates new employee onboarding and offboarding. With Adobe LiveCycle ES and the Human Capital Applications Accelerator, you can streamline data collection, secure employee data, dynamically generate welcome and exit packages, and reduce compliance risks and loss of intellectual and physical property.

Technology Building Blocks

Supporting these new solution accelerators are additional technology building blocks (Selection and Capture, Content Creation, Correspondence Generation) and updates to the existing On-Demand Assembly building block.

For further information including referencing the solution guides and technical documentation or to download these new releases, please visit

Additional information will be posted soon on the Adobe Solution Accelerator team blog at

To learn more about Adobe LiveCycle, check out Tour de LiveCycle, a desktop application for exploring LiveCycle’s features, tools, APIs, and more.

~ by Greg on July 16, 2009.

One Response to “Announcing the release of 3 New Solution Accelerators for LiveCycle ES”

  1. Hey Greg,

    Might want to tweak the templates on the demo and preso SWF’s….the pages keep telling me I don’t have Flash player installed. (I have debug 10,0,22,87 installed). From their source, it looks like they want some old version of 9.

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