New features added to – editing and reporting

I created (original blog post) primarily as a means of sharing code snippets and other web content.  The concept is simple; you go to, enter your content, click Save Page, and get a URL that you can share.  The page remains online forever unless it gets zero traffic for 90 days.  This concept of “disposable web pages” is something I’ve needed on multiple occasions when responding to blog comments, questions on twitter, etc.   After using tBlurb for a few weeks, I realize that not having the ability to edit the content after clicking “Save” is a problem!  There were several occasions where I created a page and later needed to modify it. now provides a private URL that takes you back to the content editor.  I also create another URL that provides traffic data for your content.  No personal information is collected…not even your email address.  I simply assign a random key for the edit and reporting URLs.

So, you create your content:

When you save your content, you get 3 URLs:

Sample traffic report:

When I get time, I’ll improve the reporting and add some geo information (countries visiting, etc.).

I’ve recently been using tBlurb to share small Flex code snippets on Twitter.  Below are a few recent that have received decent traffic:

I’ve also used it for sharing agendas for webinars on twitter moments before they start and other similar content (e.g.

~ by Greg on July 16, 2009.

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