Resources I used to crash course ColdFusion 9

During the past several weeks, I’ve been cramming on ColdFusion 9.  Like many of you, I rely on blog posts from key CF’ers, Adobe TV and other key resources.  During this journey, I kept notes of where I found useful information.  I thought that others might find these notes useful.

I have posted my long list to the following page –

There are other good resource lists out there, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to post my own.  Let me know if you find this useful. I plan to do one for Flex 4, LCDS 3, Catalyst and other products soon.

THANK YOU to all of the fantastic ColdFusion bloggers out there that help the rest of us get our heads around this stuff!  I’ve been super impressed by the CF community!

~ by Greg on July 22, 2009.

One Response to “Resources I used to crash course ColdFusion 9”

  1. thanks for posting and Greetings from Germany:
    my motto: mountains never meet, people always

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