Adobe Flex Certification – Attest Pro

At speaking events, I am often asked about Flex Certification.  As the demand for Flex developers increases, many employers are looking to certification programs as a means of pre-qualifying applicants.   I’m not a big fan of using a single test to pass or fail potential employees because some of us are just not good test takers  but, in many situations certification is a good indicator that can be considered along with experience, sample projects, etc., so I absolutely see the value.

Adobe has a page that explains the program at

Basically, you take a test with 50 questions.  If you answer 34 or more correct, you’re certified.  Sounds easy, right?  Well, the questions are tough!

Here’s the breakdown of topics from the Exam Guide:

This is where Attest comes in.  Attest is a desktop application (build on Adobe AIR of course!) that provides mock/practice exams for the Flex certification test.  You can simulate the test to gauge how you’ll do, and if things don’t go well, you can put it in “learning mode” and access tons of resources to help sharpen your skills.

Attest Pro is available in the Adobe AIR Marketplace for $20.  There is a 3-day free trial available.

Holly Schinsky (twitter), co-creator of Attest, recently blogged about Attest Pro here.

David Flatley (twitter), the other co-creator of Attest, also blogged about Attest Pro here.

You can grab the Attest Pro trial from here.

~ by Greg on October 12, 2009.

One Response to “Adobe Flex Certification – Attest Pro”

  1. I have used this attest software more than 3 months. yesterday I have taken the exam and failed. Not a single question come from this software. I thing, I have wasted my time. My experience with this software was very-very bad. It was too much frustrating for me. I will not recommend this software to anyone. Please don’t use!!!!!!

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