tBlurb.com updated – simplified and improved – share code snippets, etc.

Six months ago, I launched tBlurb.com (blog post), a site for sharing code snippets and other web content. A few weeks later, I added the ability to edit previously entered content and a traffic report page (blog post).   The concept is simple – you go to tBlurb.com, paste in your code snippet (or whatever) and get a short URL that you can use to share the content.  Source code is color syntax highlighted, etc.  Your page has no additional content, ads, etc.  What you paste is what you get.

Since launching tBlurb, I’ve realized that the number of clicks required to post code is simply too high.  Many people come to the site, paste their code and walk away disappointed because it’s not color coded, etc.  The developer side of me asks, “Why didn’t you read the instructions?”… but… the user side of me never reads anything and firmly believes that intuitiveness should always obviate the need for documentation.

I spent a little time today simplifying the work flow.  Now you simply go to tBlurb.com, choose the content type from a drop down menu, paste your code and click a button.  Next time you visit tBlurb, it will remember what content type you selected last time saving you another click.  The rich text editor and other features are still available but not as the default.  So what was a 4 click flow is now either a 1 or 2 click flow.

code snipping tblurb screenshot

tBlurb is free to use.  Enjoy.

~ by Greg on January 16, 2010.

One Response to “tBlurb.com updated – simplified and improved – share code snippets, etc.”

  1. Is there a browser, with categories, and search?

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