Have you looked at Tour de Flex lately?

If you haven’t looked at Tour de Flex in the past few weeks, go check it out. We’ve added some cool new content in the last few weeks:

Every time you run Tour de Flex, it checks to see if new samples are available and installs them automatically.

We’re up to 362 samples throughout Tour de Flex with more coming very soon!

~ by Greg on January 25, 2010.

5 Responses to “Have you looked at Tour de Flex lately?”

  1. Hi Greg

    I’ve emailed you a couple of times about Tour de Flex but naver get a reply. Are you not receiving my emails?



  2. Greg,
    Data access – Data Management samples are not working in tour de flex.

  3. since the Flex 4 update my Tour de Flex ‘crashes’ at Flex 3 > Coding Techniques > Components(2) There is no content shown and the application becomes irresponsive.

  4. On mu Fedora box I’m trying to use TourDeFlex->DataVisualization->IBM ILOg->Calendar. Then TDF tells me to install flashplayer. I have it installed but TDF seems not to be looking there for it. So, where is it looking for de standalone flashplayer (or where can it be configured)?

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