Real-time data visualization using Flex and publish/subscribe messaging

When you hear the term “data visualization”, you probably immediately think of pie charts, bar charts, and line charts showing sales data, population data, or other historical data.   These charts and graphs help us to visualize the data, detect key trends, and make decisions moving forward.

While charts are great for understanding historical data, real-time data can benefit from visualization also. For example, financial transaction data can contain immediately useful trending information that is undetectable without some visualization.  The same goes for credit card transactions, website traffic, etc.

Although Flex is fantastic for traditional data visualization, it is uniquely qualified for visualizing real-time data.

Holly Schinsky and I took the content from our MAX 2009 session on this subject and published it on DZone.  It describes some common techniques for collecting data in real-time, visualizing it using traditional charting controls, and applying some more advanced location/mapping controls to further improve the user experience.

The article along with lots of code for you to try is available at –

~ by Greg on February 1, 2010.

One Response to “Real-time data visualization using Flex and publish/subscribe messaging”

  1. Here is real-time analytics application, thats uses Red5 and flex. pretty much like tour de flex. uses shred objects to relay changes/visit-ins/visit-outs.

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