New IBM ILOG Elixir Data Visualization samples in Tour de Flex

We just posted some new IBM ILOG Elixir 3.0 samples in Tour de Flex under the Data Visualization category.

Here are some highlights:

  • Supports Flex SDK 4.0 & Flash Builder 4.0
  • New: Diagram components (Spark)
  • New: Timeline component (Spark)
  • Improved: Gantt chart components Many new features including tasks item renderers coded in FXG, printing, re-designed resources availability management as working/non working periods, redesigned timescale for greater openness and customizability as well as CLDR date support.
  • Rewrite of the gauges and map components under the Flex 4 Spark architecture. They are also delivered as Flex 4 MX components to facilitate your legacy code port to Flex 4.
  • Numerous improvements on Elixir 2.5 components (organization charts, maps, calendar, pivot charts)
  • New: screen reader support for most components
  • Improved: keyboard navigation support
  • Improved: Flash builder integration with new wizards for creating custom gauges and Elixir libraries import in your projects
  • Leverages Flash Player 10 for better performances
  • New packaging: Elixir Enterprise extends Elixir with Diagram and Gantt modules.
  • Part of IBM Passport Advantage program, means product commitment for minimum of 5 years.

~ by Greg on May 18, 2010.

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