Get started with AIR on Android before you get an Android device!

Recently, Adobe announced the public beta of AIR on Android.  This excitement combined with all of the energy from the recent Google IO conference has a lot of developers wanting to dig right in!  If you don’t have access to an Android device today, don’t let that stop you from having some fun.  The Android SDK includes an emulator!  Yes, you can install the SDK, run the emulator, install the AIR runtime from the AIR for Android pre-release site and then install your apk files and test your application.

WARNING:  The emulator is SLOW.  Not just frustratingly slow… it’s painfully slow… so don’t judge the performance of AIR or Android based on the emulator.  When you’re ready to see good performance, go get a real Android device. 🙂

Getting started:

RUN ON MY DEVICE:  If you live in the Tampa bay area and you build a cool AIR app for Android and want to see it on a real device, contact me and I’ll meet you and we’ll try it out on my Google Nexus One.  If it’s cool, I’ll buy lunch.  If not, you buy.

Christophe Coenraets recently blogged Employee Directory app built with Flex on AIR for Android:

~ by Greg on May 24, 2010.

12 Responses to “Get started with AIR on Android before you get an Android device!”

  1. […] If you don’t have an Android device yet, you can already begin using this technology for your latest cool mobile project! Greg Wilson has an useful post about what you’ll need to start developing Android AIR apps today. […]

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  3. I am unable to install AIR on my emulator

  4. I was missing something. its working fine now:) THanks

  5. […] play but dont’ have an Android device yet? Use the emulator! –… – there is a way to feed it geo data for testing – see the emulator docs for […]

  6. Very Nice article.

    i got great help from that article.

    Keep it up.

  7. […] Even if you don’t yet have an Android devices capable of running AIR, you can use the emulator and still have fun!  I blogged about this recently. […]

  8. I have a Samsung Vibrant which is Android 2.1. Can I develop in flex/flash for this ? There doesnt seem to be a runtime for it.


    • Hey John – if you go to the 6/4/2010 build on the pre-release site, you’ll find an eclair (2.1) AIR runtime that you can use. However, it’s a bit out of date and missing some recent features…but the major stuff is there.

      The entire galaxy-S line should be getting Froyo soon…it’s definitely capable of running Froyo — it’s a fantastic phone. I suspect it will get it within the next few months.



  9. BTW, I am in the New Tampa area.

  10. I’ve just downloaded Flash Builder 4 trial and AIR SDK 2.5. I don’t see an option to build an Android AIR project in FB. My only options are Browser or Desktop. When I import on of the many samples, the tag cannot be resolved. Help!

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