Adobe AIR 2.0 – why you want to upgrade now!

If you’ve been following my blog for long, you know that I LOVE Adobe AIR.  My largest AIR project is ChessJam (FB), an online Chess application built with Flex that has users from over 155 countries playing over 2500 games of Chess every day.

You can read about all of the incredible new features of AIR 2.0 here but the bottom line is that you want this upgrade.  The memory and CPU usage is improved so much, we were able to change the machine requirements for ChessJam!  We have users that use low-end Netbooks that could not play ChessJam with AIR 1.5 but with AIR 2.0, it now works great.  The improvements are not trivial!

I have over 45 AIR applications installed on several systems and 100% of them run perfectly under AIR 2.0 so compatibility is great.  You do NOT have to recompile your apps to take advantage of the improved memory and CPU.  Once your users upgrade to AIR 2, they benefit instantly.  The AIR runtime checks once a week for updates so your users will get prompted soon.

In addition to the performance improvements, AIR 2 now has support for calling native code and support for creating a native installer so the opportunities for AIR just exploded.

Tons of new capabilities and uses less memory and CPU?  A no brainer!  😉

~ by Greg on June 10, 2010.

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