CFUnited Session: Adding real-time data visualization to your application or website

On Friday, I’m presenting a session at CFUnited titled, “Adding real-time data visualization to your application or website“.   In this session, I’m going to demonstrate how to take data from your web site or application and turn it into a real-time data feed that can be used to feed a dashboard that will impress your boss!  😉


  • Explore multiple techniques to tap into your app/site’s activity data (swf, “magic png”, server-side, etc.)
  • Learn how to convert an IP Address to latitude, longitude, city and country
  • Use ColdFusion’s sendGatewayMessage() to broadcast the data
  • Learn how to configure publish/subscribe messaging using BlazeDS (included with CF9) and LiveCycle Data Services (I’ll explain the differences)
  • Learn how to build amazing data visualizations using Adobe Flex
  • Take a deep dive into two visualization examples:
    • Use Google Map Flash 3D APIs (amazing features)
    • Use IBM ILOG Elixir’s heat map component and gauges

I’ll be sharing the full source-code for the whole thing.

CFUnited Session: 7/30 Friday 3:15PM – 4:15PM Ballroom A

I hope to see you there!

~ by Greg on July 26, 2010.

10 Responses to “CFUnited Session: Adding real-time data visualization to your application or website”

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  3. Great presentation at CFUnited. I was wondering where I can access the source code?

  4. Did I miss it? Did you post the code already? Just wondering…

  5. If you don’t plan on posting the code. Please let us know. Thanks.

    • It will be posted next week. I got distracted on Adobe AiR Launchpad and other projects. I’ve improved it a lot since you guys saw it at CFUnited, so you’ll be happy I think.

      I’ll be posting every line of code, server+client with detailed instructions.



  6. I’ll have a new blog post tomorrow (Thursday, 9/9/2010) with all source, etc.

    Stay tuned!


  7. Ok – FINALLY blogged! —

    Enjoy 🙂

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