The AIR Administrator’s Guide – controlling Adobe AIR in your environment

Every day I see new applications that take advantage of all of the cool features that AIR provides such as SQLite database, encrypted DB, idle detection, network detection, local file support, socket support, native integration, etc.   It is no surprise that AIR is starting to be a logical choice for many enterprise applications, especially applications that need extra security, offline capabilities and strict control over the UI.

As enterprise IT administrators start getting requests for AIR applications to be deployed in their environments, they immediately start asking questions about how they can control the deployment, auto-updates, etc.

Many people are not aware that Adobe has an AIR Administrator’s Guide.  In this guide you’ll learn how to do the following:

  • Perform silent installs of the AIR runtime and AIR applications using Microsoft SMS, IBM Tivoli and other deployment tools
  • Prevent installation of additional AIR applications
  • Prevent installation of untrusted AIR applications
  • Disable automatic updates of the AIR runtime

You can download the guide in PDF format from or read it online here.

~ by Greg on August 5, 2010.

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