Good webcam choice for mobile device demos on stage – IPEVO Point 2 View

For the past few months, our team has been showing more and more applications running on various mobile devices.  We found out quickly that this is a real challenge on stage and even more challenging on web conferences.  Sure, we can run emulators, but people always want to see the real app running on a real device.

After trying multiple different camera options, we’ve found a great one, the IPEVO Point 2 View USB camera —

There are a few things that make this uniquely qualified for our needs:

  • The camera can be set to manual focus and then focused from the UI with a single mouse click.  Auto-focus cameras don’t work well because they will always focus on the nearest object in view…so when your finger moves into the frame, the focus is suddenly on your knuckle!  Manual focus is a must.  If you switch from one device to another, the ability to single-click refocus is awesome.
  • The included software has settings to flip the image either vertically or horizontally so getting the orientation correct is a piece of cake.
  • The software has the ability to set exposure compensation, which can be a big deal on some devices.  I found that by setting the exposure compensation to -2, the image is much more crisp.
  • The base is heavy enough to support the camera at just about any angle.
  • It’s portable enough to fit into my computer bag.
  • The image quality is good.


  • The various UI settings are not remembered from session to session.
  • Evidently, the base of the camera looks interesting in an x-ray machine.  On two different occasions, airport security did a manual check of the bag after running it through the machine.  I now take it out of the bag and lay it next to my laptop.

As of this writing, you can grab one for about $70 from Amazon —

UPDATE:  A few folks have suggested this case for the cam —

TIP: Set the resolution to 800×600 to get a better framerate.

~ by Greg on November 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “Good webcam choice for mobile device demos on stage – IPEVO Point 2 View”

  1. […]… […]

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing!
    I had the exact problem with an average webcam for a demo this afternoon, trying to show the iPad (focus always changing). I’m going to get one of those, it sounds perfect for my needs 🙂


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