My photography appeared in a Discovery Channel documentary!

Back in 2008, I shot a picture of the London Parliament from the London Eye during the evening hours of a cloudy day.  As with most of my photography, both personal and professional (aerial photography mainly), I posted it to SmugMug.  A few months later, I received a call from a producer who was doing work on a Discovery Channel documentary on Nostradamus.  He explained the price they were willing to pay for the use of my image for a few seconds in their upcoming film.  He went on to explain the rights they needed, the duration of the rights, blah  blah blah.  When he finished, I simply said, “You had me at ‘Discovery Channel'”.  Many months went by and I nearly forgot about it, but this weekend, I finally learned what documentary it was featured in — “Nostradamus Decoded“.  It’s a bit of a dooms-day flick, but hey!, it’s Discovery Channel!

Below is my original image (high-res version here) and a screenshot from the Discovery Channel use of it.  If you want to see how it appears, I found the entire film on YouTube in 9 parts.  Go to part 8 ( ) and advance it to the 5:00 mark and wait a few secs.  Don’t look away or you’ll miss my 5 seconds of glory.

Many of you probably just rolled your eyes, but that’s too bad, I’m blogging it anyways!  😉

My original image:

Discovery Channel version (they edited it to make London look flooded and more gloomy):

Future conversations with me about photography will go something like this:

Stranger: Are you into photography?

Greg: Yes I am, I’ve even done some work for The Discovery Channel


~ by Greg on January 23, 2011.

One Response to “My photography appeared in a Discovery Channel documentary!”

  1. Congrats mate!! Thats so cool. 🙂

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