AIR, Flex, FlexBuilder, Flash, ActionScript … huh?

People new to the technologies listed in the title of this post are often quickly confused as to what the relationship is between them. I often get asked questions such as “What does Flex have to do with Flash?” and “Does Flex replace ActionScript?” and “Is AIR just Flex without a browser?“. I’ve been considering creating a post to clarify a lot of this common confusion… but today, Chet Haase, a fellow Adobe blogger, author and newcomer to Adobe has posted a great article that does the work for me! So, I’m going to point you to his article and sit back and pretend to take credit 🙂

Thanks Chet – excellent timing!


~ by Greg on February 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “AIR, Flex, FlexBuilder, Flash, ActionScript … huh?”

  1. Very well than! Great work! I hope you didn´t overexert yourself 🙂
    joking aside, I´d found these useful information on your blog so it´s partly your effort 🙂
    As I mentioned, the info given by Chet is well sophisticated and adressed to beginners and to everyone who has or wants to look some basic defnitions up. BB

  2. Please where we can fiend an example of generating PDF LC and FB.
    All the Best

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