Tour de ColdFusion Beta Launched!

We have FINALLY launched Tour de ColdFusion! We are still filling in a few gaps and testing, so we consider it a beta, but it’s ready for you to dive in.

Tour de ColdFusion is a desktop application built on Adobe AIR that provides quick access to hundreds of ColdFusion code samples.   Live running samples combined with the source code that you see running is the fastest way to learn!

Over the next few days, we will be adding additional samples.  Tour de ColdFusion will automatically reflect the latest sample database each time you run it so you know that you are seeing the latest, greatest stuff.

Help us make Tour de ColdFusion better by helping us add new samples.   If you have any code samples, techniques, frameworks, etc., that you think would make Tour de ColdFusion an even better learning tool, please contact us at

Please report any issues to

Go to the Tour de ColdFusion Beta home page to download and install.

~ by Greg on June 24, 2010.

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