Flex 3 Component Explorer – a must for Flex beginners

UPDATE – 08/24/2009: New Component Explorer here (now includes Flex 4 samples!)

If you are new to Flex or if you are just curious about the capabilities of Flex, the Flex 3 Component Explorer is a great place to learn by example.   Click on a component in the list, see a working sample on the right with the code below it.

The explorer has been available for awhile but I have met several Flex developers that were unaware of its existence.

Flex 3 Component Explorer

Other Flex resources:

~ by Greg on July 12, 2008.

12 Responses to “Flex 3 Component Explorer – a must for Flex beginners”

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  2. […] Flex 3 Component Explorer – a must for Flex beginners (from Greg Wilson’s Ramblings) […]

  3. So with ColdFusion 8 Enterprise, do CF8 only provide LCDS adapters built-in that (somehow) need to connect with an LCDS/BlazeDS installation running seperately?

  4. I want to create a FLEX 3.0 Component Explorer style application, and I understand the MXML is not complicated, but the actual code to use the Tree Control, syncrhonize etc…it would be nice if like other apps. you could Right Click on it and see the full source code for building an application like this. This is a typical layout for many organizational, taxonomy, etc. applications and as well as serving as a place to browse FLEX 3 components, it would also serve well to see the source to building a index | above/below organizational window like this, including the Folder Tree and synchronization. Is it available for download anywhere?

  5. I definitely agree. The Component Explorer is a pretty handy tool.

    If you need instructions on how to run this application offline, you can visit the comments section of this post.

    Hope this helps.

  6. Can anyone please tell me how to download Component Explorer ?

  7. Go to http://flex.org/tour to download the new one.

    The original component explorer is part of the Flex 3 SDK.


  8. The Component Explorer is a great teaching tool. I wish they would update everything on their site so it works with Flex 3 (i.e., their Store).

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  9. I’m trying to learn Flex, however I’m totally new to programing, I’m studying HTML,XHTML,JAVA SCRIPT right now I’m planing to learn XML next. However I don’t know what stuffs should I focus on and I need some help on what should I study.

  10. […] Source : http://gregsramblings.com/2008/07/12/flex-3-component-explorer-a-must-for-flex-beginners/ […]

  11. Hi Greg,

    Components and explorers are it…not sure if you are aware but there is a new Flex components website that offers free and to-buy flex components. http://www.flexdownloads.com and I am sure a number of Flex developers will appreciate not reinventing the wheel but making it better by building on what has already been done.

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