Interactive Demos of ILOG Elixir Flex Components

If you need to add sophisticated data visualization to your Flex and AIR apps, check out ILOG Elixir. You can read about it here – but I recommend skipping the text and going straight to the interactive demos here (or simply click the thumbnails below). A trial version is available for download from here.

Here are a couple of demos that show off the functionality:

~ by Greg on May 7, 2008.

4 Responses to “Interactive Demos of ILOG Elixir Flex Components”

  1. Well i want to ask some thing out here is there some thing that flex is emerging as a replacement for JSP and one who uses JSP till date has to get along with some other scripting language to gulp around.

  2. JSP is code that runs server-side that generates client-side HTML/JS. Flex applications run client-side on flash player.

    I suggest you check out this –

    It points to a great article by Chet Haase that describes what Flex is in relationship to Flash, ActionScript, etc.



  3. Hi Gregory.. thanks for that response and blog reference…

    But can you make me a bit clear on the part that weather it would be nice to use some thing as flex as the replacement for JSP. And is that sound flexible enough to be used.. when i talk about what i want to be clear about is regarding the security concerns.. As flex downloads on the client machine to get executed as you mentioned above and where as JSP on the server side..

    Your response is highly appreciated…

  4. […] ILOG Elixer Flex Component Explorer (advanced data visualization components) […]

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